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E-Recycling in Baton Rouge

by Leslie Green

As we enter the holiday season, it's important to tidy up the house in order to decorate and entertain. There is a small room in my house where things tend to collect. It's kind of like that room in the Harry Potter series, the Room of Requirement. There many interesting things, including some super-cute little cards hand-made by my children when they were little, but there are also many things I'd rather not think about, like those old laptops that still have some beloved photos.
I started to investigate what to do with the old computer equipment, knowing it needs to be "cleaned" and then recycled somewhere. Did you know there is a non-profit computer recycling place in Baton Rouge, the Capital Area Corporate Recycling Council, known as CACRC. CACRC provides low cost refurbished computers to nonprofit, seniors, low income families, veterans and others.They also provide non-profits with electronic equipment at very low prices as well as technical support.

Here is a list of items they will accept for recycling on their website:

Halloween Safety Tips in Baton Rouge

by Debbie Hanna

Halloween is such a fun time for kids! Parents can do several things to ensure it's not only fun, but SAFE. Here are some tips for making it a SPOOKTACULUR night. 


  • Brightly colored costumes for good visibility in the dark​
  • "Flame resistant" or "flame retardant" labels on costumes and any accessories
  • Masks that don't restrict your child's vision
  • Nothing that is a tripping hazard, such as robes or capes that are too long
  • Make sure to watch the weather and dress kids appropriately

Trick or Treating Rules

  • Younger kids should be accompanied by an adult
  • Routes should be restricted to your neighborhood or one you know well
  • Curfew time for older kids
  • Should go in groups of three or more
  • Use sidewalks and crosswalks
  • Bring flashlight, and if they have one – a cell phone
  • Stay on well-lit streets & don’t cut through parks or yards
  • Don’t run, walk.
  • Trick-or-treat only at well–lit homes, & the front door is as far as you go
  • Don't eat any candy until you can inspect it

Inside Your Home

  • Don't let younger children carve the pumpkin, but let them draw the face instead
  • Use battery-powered candles for pumpkins instead of real candles
  • Check out all the candy your kids bring home & throw out candy with wrappers that have been opened
  • Throw away candies that may be a choking hazard to children 3 yrs. old and younger

Outside Your Home

  • Remove tripping hazards from your yard
  • Put lighted pumpkins on a level surface & out of reach of small trick-or-treaters
  • Turn on your porch light!!!

Debbie Hanna
The Pat Wattam Team
RE/MAX First

Selling Your Home During The Holidays

by Pat Wattam

Everyone always asks me, as we gear up for the holiday season, if this is a good time to sell real estate.  My answer is always the same - When do our homes look the prettiest?  It's as we decorate for the holidays.  And the homes smell so good with the trees, cookies baking, and lights twinkling!  But there are more reasons than that!  Here are just a few:

1.  People transfer to the area between Christmas and New Year so they can enroll their child in the new school at semester.

2.  Not as much competition of homes for sale as in the spring, so your home can really stand out

3.  Interest rates are still low and you never know when they will go up, so buyers who are ready to buy, do so.

4.  Gifts!  Yes, people get cash gifts for Christmas to help with the downpayment!

5.  Easier to move in the cool, less humid air!!!

6.  Buyers want to celebrate Christmas in their new home!

7.  It's a Christmas present people give themselves!

8.  Buyers think sellers may be more motivated to close before the first of the year

9.  Only serious buyers look this time of year

10.  Once more, our houses look the prettiest and make us think happy thoughts of days past!

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