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Autumn in Baton Rouge

by Leslie Green

As the weather in Baton Rouge insists on remaining a bit warm, I continue to walk my neighborhood observing the subtle changes of autumn. The state tree, the bald cypress, is actually one of the more noticeable, changing from dark green to bright orange, and the numerous satsuma trees are beginning to show ripe orange fruit. There is also the regular appearance of white pelicans during their migrations. A huge flock has taken up residence on the University Lakes near my house in the last couple of weeks. It’s amazing watching hundreds of pelicans wheeling in the sky!

Pelicans over University Lakes



Baton Rouge Green has a wonderful event each year at the beginning of December to benefit the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank. Residents who have citrus trees in their yards can sign up to have some of their fruit picked by volunteers. All the fruit is then donated to the food bank. This year the event will be held on Saturday Dec. 9, 2017. 


Check out BR Green’s web site for more details:

After hurricane Katrina and the widespread devastation that followed  the price for construction materials went way up and many items were hard to come by - which is when we experienced that Chinese Drywall epidemic! With Texas and Florida now hard hit with hurricane Harvey and Irma, what can the rest of us expect?  It seemed that our roofing prices had finally come back down recently - not as low as before Katrina but certainly not as high in the years after that.  

One of my clients who has been looking at building a new house in Texas received an email from a builder - BEFORE Irma hit Florida - concerning this very topic.   His plan was to quickly stock up on lumber, roofing materials, drywall, etc. as much as possible so that he could hold his prices where he had quoted them.  But another concern was the labor force since so many people were affected in his area he wondered if would still be able to get the crews he needed to build.  We have faced that in our area since the flood of 2016.

My takeaway is this:  If you are planning to do some work on your house, go ahead and stock up on the items you will need as much as is reasonable.  And for many of you, you may wish to rethink buying new construction and look at resale homes that are just a few years old that you could update to make your own and it may end up being the less expensive way to go.  Of course, buying a house is a very emotional experience and the house you select should be the one that works best for you.  However, if the cost of materials soar, then you need to be thinking of other options that may give you the same result you are looking for.  

The Pat Wattam Team, as always, is here to help you logically think through the process to make the right financial decision.  Call on us any time for a FREE consultation!  225-298-6900!

Baton Rouge Louisiana is a Wonderful Place To Call Home

by Pat Wattam

In light of the events one week ago today I wanted to take a moment to talk about this wonderful place we call home, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.   The senseless attack and murder of our policeman and deputies have brought this commuity together, instead of tearing it apart.  I had just sold a home in the subdivision, and across the street, from police office Matthew Gerald.  The first memorial service to him was on his street, his life celebrated by his neighbors.   In this modest neighborhood neighbors gathered together to surround his family with love and support.  

The location where the ambush occurred has become a shrine to the fallen heroes with flowers and memorials piling up.  I stopped by today and met 3 formally dressed Idaho State Police.  People were coming up to them, hugging them, and speaking with them.  I had hoped to meet a chaplin from New Jersey that had been there all week to meet and pray with people.  Unfortunately, he was not there today.

The outpouring of love for our fallen heroes can be seen as each funeral procession proceeds down the main highways lined with thousands of mourners - some who stood in the heat and then the pouring rain for hours waiting for the procession to come by so they could honor our fallen protectors.  Hundreds of officers from across the United States also came to pay their respects.

You would think this was a small town as this is what would have happened in my home town of Ozark, AR - population 3500.  But this is a huge city and people all have the same common goal - to show the solidarity of our city, to back our first responders.  We bury one more tomorrow and start the healing process. The community has come together to financially support the families as well as the one officer we have who is still struggling for his life.  What a lovely show of support.  You should see the streets lined in blue, LSU Stadium lit in blue, etc.




Save Yourself Time and Money!

by Pat Wattam

There are some things our clients do that drive REALTORS a little crazy and they are the things that clients do that cost the client time and we all know that time is money! Here are a couple of  things that we find frustrating from a buyer:

1.  Not knowing where you want to live - location wise.  It is very frustrating to get a buyer who says location is no issue - "I'll look anywhere".  And your drive them up to an hour away to find the home of their dreams, only for them to then realize that they don't want to drive an hour each way, evey day to work!  Seriously!  They never even THOUGHT about that first!

 I think one of the most important discussions you can have with your REALTOR (and yourself!) is what do you want to do in your free time.  Do you like running to the movies on the weekend at the spur of a moment?  Do you like having a grocery store 5 minutes away because you are always forgetting something you need (that's me!)?  Do you have a sport you play a lot and would like to be near by?  Or, if you have children, how far do you want to drive to take them to dance, gym, music, sport practice, or even school?  There are serious questions to consider because you can not replace your time.  I had some clients who wanted to live in St Francisville.  They bought beautiful new home and pool, on a lake, with a golf course nearby - but they were driving over an hour each way to work, then on the weekends they would bring their children to Baton Rouge for their activities and would have to kill a couple of hours in town just waiting for them.  They finally decided enough was enough.  Their next house was in the heart of Baton Rouge, near all conveniences.  I have other clients who want to live on acreage and get away from it all.  When they get home for the weekend, they are home.  They enjoy working on their yard and don't mind the drive during the week so they can have the peace and quiet they require on the weekends.  SAVE YOURSELF SOME TIME by figuring out what are your HOT buttons for a location and let your REALTOR help find you the best home to match!  

2.  Having TOO BROAD of a price range.  When I have clients tell me they can buy anything from $150,000 to $350,000 and want to see it all I know they haven't thought this all the way through.  I know they are thinking if they can find a real steal at $150K they want to see it.  So do I!  The question really is  - what is important in a house to them.  A TYPICAL $150K house is smaller, or older, or doesn't have as many amenities as a $350K house.  We need to know what is important to you in the house.  How large?  How many bedrooms?  How large do those bedrooms need to be?  Are you willing to buy an older house with smaller baths and kitchen or do you want an open floor plan?  Do you like nice amenities?  These are the things we need to know - then it's easy to search any price range so that you can make a decision on how much work you want to do on a house.  Just a thought.  One of the first houses we bought needed a lot of work but we got it for a great price.  We didn't factor in the $10K (this was YEARS ago!) cash that would have to come out of our savings to do those reparis.  We could have bought a house that cost $20K more or even more if it didn't need any work and had a little higerh house note and kept our cash!!  

3.  "I want to see everything available in my price range!" Really?  Why?  I once had a client that went into the attic of every home we looked at, even the ones I knew they had NO interest in.  After I while I showed them how much time they were wasting that could be spent seriously looking at the houses that they found interesting!  While you are waiting to see everything, a great house could come on the Market and be sold by the time you get around to seeing it.  If you know what are your "HAVE TO HAVE" items are in a house, and then the things you would like to have but aren't deal killers, we can save you a LOT of time by screening out the houses we know don't have those amenities!  

Give some serious thought to what you REALLY want and need in a home from size to amenities to location to price.  Then we can really do a better job to serve you by showing you the BEST HOUSES that fit your particular needs!! Give us a call!  We want to help you find that dream home!  225-298-6900

Things You Might Not Know About REALTORS

by Pat Wattam

In this day and age I am still amazed at the misconceptions the public has about REALTORS.  Let me try to shed some light!

1.  REALTORS are not paid a salary.  They are only paid when you use them to buy or sell a house that actually goes to closing!

2.  They pay for their own gas.

3.  They do not have a company car.

4.  Whatever the commission is, they only get part of it.  Part of it goes to their broker, to a relocation company, to a referral company.  And they pay all their expenses and marketing dollars out of that commission.  Oh yeah - and pay taxes.

5.  If a REALTOR buys you lunch, there is no company behind them paying for it.  It actually comes out of their pocket.

6.  If a REALTOR sells a lot of houses it isn't because they sell them for a low price - it's because they do a good job at marketing and negotiating.

7. We don't get kick backs for referring you to people we trust.

8.  We do have a LIFE and are not available at the drop of a hat - and come to think of it, neither is your doctor, CPA, dentist.  And just like other professionals, we will do our best to accommodate you.

9.  We truly want to make you happy because we want you to refer us to your friends.

10.  We have continuing education we must take every year (12 hours) and we have a Code of Ethics that we must adhere to.

So there you go - just a few things that I thought I should share with you today! And Remember, when you are thinking about real estate, Call the Pat Wattam Team at RE/MAX First!

Realtor and Friend for Life

by Blake Hanna

I've always enjoyed making new friends anywhere, anytime. Whether it was through my musical endeavors, school, or in random places, I've always liked meeting new people and learning about them. Being in the Real Estate business has given me the unique opportunity of meeting new people all the time as well as helping them with one of the most important decisions of their lives. Throughout the process you get to know your clients and learn all about them and they get to learn about you. No client I work with is just another "deal." The look they have when they get the keys to their home is a great reward. Through staying in touch, I've hung out with, attended events, played on sports teams and even been invited to weddings of my past clients. Not only do I strive to be their Realtor for life, but also their friend.

A Winning Team

by Debbie Hanna

I have been an avid sports fan all my life, not only watching, but participating. These days, I play tennis & just joined a softball team. I LOVE the competition and of course, WINNING! There's also a great feeling at the end of a match or game when you share that moment with your teammate(s). All of the hardwork & persistence has paid off and everyone has had a great experience! 

It's the same experience when I work with Buyers in the purchase of their home. Together, we form a Team, and at the end of that long match -  from the home search to the contract to the closing, and everything inbetween - we WIN!  Such a great feeling & now they are in the home of their dreams!

If you want to be on my Winning Team, give me a call & lets get started! 225-772-3662

-Practicing for Broadmoor Methodist Softball

Take Time to Smell the Roses

by Pat Wattam

A fellow REALTOR passed away last week while on vacation with his family.  He was only 44.  It was a massive heart attack.  I know everyone works hard in order to provide for our families and ourselves.  But sometimes it's better to let someone else do the heavy lifting and you take time to smell the roses.  Life passes by quickly - especially, it seems, the older we get.  When I was younger, my husband and I would do all the work on our house - sweating in the heat painting the exterior, building decks, etc. My husband is very handy and can do a lot of work just as well as many contractors.  However, at our age, do we really want to spend our time doing repairs instead of enjoing life.  The question is, even if you have the time, and if money isn't the issue,  why wouldn't you hire a professional to do the work so that you can enjoy the day - and face it, they will get the work done faster which means I can get the home sold quicker and you get your money faster!!!!  I remember Roger was rebuilding our deck at one of our former homes.  Two years later it wasn't finished (and it will be standing long after that home is gone!) and we sold the house.  I had to remind him the buyer would like that deck finished before closing.  A contractor would have had it done in days!!  

As your REALTOR, one of the benefits to you  is what all we do for our clients.   The Pat Wattam Team's standard procedure is basically: you get the house ready for us to sell, then you are done.  Enjoy yourself.  Take a vacation (the house will probably sell while you are away!) and let us handle all the details.  Call The Pat Wattam Team today to go to work for you - and you go smell the roses!

Movie Theaters Aren't Just for Movies Anymore!

by Pat Wattam

Movie Theaters used to be a place where you went to see a first run movie - or, in a small town like where I grew up, probably only 2nd run movies!  Today you can see Opera, Broadway, and more - here in Baton Rouge at Perkins Rowe.  The Manship Theater downtown also runs movies that we love - haven't checked that out but wonder how big THAT screen would be!  This week, which made me think to post this, Perkins Rowe will run Raiders of the Lost Ark?  Remember the first time (or 2nd or 3rd) you saw it - all your friends were talking about it - the snakes, the reflection of the snake in the safety glass when it is in Harrison Ford's Face!  It was an AMAZING and totally entertaining movie - and the end was so scarey with the faces melting away (glad I watched the special where they showed how that was done - now I actually enjoy watching the chocolate melt off and the eyeballs pop out!), and then the burecratic ending!  What a movie!  

When we did an Moive tour of Kauai several years ago, one of the places we went to was where the opening scene from the movie was filmed - where Harrison Ford grabs the rope swing to land in the water and catch the plane as it taxies off the water.  They had a rope swing there and let people swing out over the water, but not drop into it.  Evidently some people came dressed in character sometime and jumped in - they don't allow that any more.  I was REALLY, REALLY chicken but finally did it - screamed the whole way! It was a blast and I highly recommend doing it the next time you are in Kauai!

So, Sunday, June 1st, at Perkins Rowe, 2 p.m. Sunday and then 2 and 7 p.m. this Wednesday, Raiders of the Lost Ark!!  Enjoy!

Baton Rouge! THE Happenin' Place Memorial Weekend

by Pat Wattam


Who would have thought that Baton Rouge, LA would be a destination for Memorial Day weekend!  With Country Fest it has become just that - THE place to be this weekend.  With top country acts such as Keith Urban, Carrie Underwood, and Rascal Flatts there is something for everyone!  The fun starts Saturday at 11:30 at LSU's Tiger Stadium with Keith Urban starting his show at 10 pm.  And then Sunday kicks off again at 11:30 and Rascal Flatts closes down with their set starting at 10pm.
If country music isn't your thing, check out the Baton Rouge Concert Band's annual Memorial day concert at 7 pm Monday at the steps of the State Capitol.  It's FREE!!
And, today don't miss the LIVE after FIVE from 5-8 on North Blvd
 Featuring Brandin Giles.  FREE
Need to entertain the little ones?  Saturday is Safari night at the Baton Rouge zoo.  From 6:30-9:30 you can experience waling tours, animal encounters, and hands-on activities.   Designed for groups of 15 minimum.  Call 225-775-3877.
Have a happy and safe Memorial weekend in Baton Rouge as we remember our service men and women.

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