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Mold Testing for Flood Victims

by Pat Wattam


I received this information from Advantage Inspections Today.  Just pulling out the wet flooring and sheetrock isn't enough.
See Below from Kevin Dinkel.
Mold Testing for Flood Victims
Have Peace of Mind Knowing Your Home is Safe 
Mold and bacteria have ideal breeding grounds in the warm, damp flooding areas of Baton Rouge and surrounding parishes. Exposure to these harmful organisms may affect your and your family's health. The CDC warns that "molds can cause nasal stuffiness, throat irritation, coughing or wheezing, eye irritation, or, in some cases, skin irritation." Contact with mold and harmful bacteria may cause severe reactions for those with weaker immune systems, children, and the elderly. 

We are ready to work to bring Baton Rouge residents back to safe homes. If your home or office was impacted by flooding in the past few days, please give us a call at Advantage Services (225) 753-8114 to inspect your home for harmful bodies that may have grown while you were away. 
If you know someone in need of an inspection, please pass this information along. We would like to wish you and your loved ones a safe and speedy recovery!


12 Reasons To Use a Realtor

by Blake Hanna

12 Reasons You Should Use a REALTOR

1. Determine Buying Power

2. Home Search Assistance

3. Objective Property Information

4. Price Negoatiation

5. Management of Property Evaluation

6. Identification of Qaulified Lenders and Finacing Options

7. Smooth Closing Process

8. Up-to-date Selling Information

9. Marketing Assistance

10. Connections to Selling Networks

11. Objective Evaluation of Buyer's Proposal

12. Closing Assistance

Blake Hanna, Realtor

The Pat Wattam Team

RE/MAX First


[email protected]



Need a Vendor? We have Recommendations! Baton Rouge Real Estate

by Blake Hanna

Need someone for your A/C, electrical systems, painting, roof or something else?

We have plenty of reccomendations when  it comes to vendors. Here are few to start. If you need something else, contact us!


Able Air Conditioning and Heating 
Locally owned and operated, DeAnn Clementson have provided my customers as well as myself with great service over the years. They provide 24 hours service. For more information on sales, service and Installation of all makes and models, both residential and commercial please contact them at 225-261-2121.


McMakin Financial For full service brokerage including asset management, financial planning, estate planning, retirement planning call Wally McMakin at 225-926-9585


Todd Millett Home Remodeling  Just about any repair you need call Todd at 225-413-3565


 Advantage Services, Inc. For home inspections and verification service, call Kevin Dinkel, owner. With over 9000 inspections completed, Kevin is one of the top inspectors in Baton Rouge. Whether structural, mechanical, environmental, synthetic stucco, eifs, or drivit, call Kevin today to set up your inspection. 225-753-8114

 Michael LeBas & Associates  Structural reports from an engineer's perspective!  


Blake Hanna, Realtor

The Pat Wattam - RE/MAX First


[email protected]

Roof Damage After Storms?

by Debbie Hanna

Baton Rouge & surrounding areas have been inundated with significant storm events over the last few weeks. Those storms have produced heavy rains, winds & hail, all of which can create issues for your roof, now or in the not too distant future. If you notice missing shingles or see shingles in your yard, it's a no-brainer - call a roofer! Hail damage can also compromise a roof, but is harder to see from ground level. Hail can cause soft spots on asphalt shingles. It may cause the granules on the top layer of the shingle to loosen and crumble away (you may see evidence of this in your gutters, around downspouts, or just on the ground). Other evidence of hail damage may be on the metal parts of the roof, such as flashing & vent pipes, where you will see dents.

Many roofing companies will inspect your roof at no charge. If you think you may have storm-related damage, get a professional roofer out to your home as soon as possible to assess the damage & prevent any leaks from happening. If the roofer sees significant hail damage, which may warrant an insurance claim, make sure he meets the insurance adjuster when he/she comes out to inspect your home. Together they can do a thorough & accurate inspection to make sure no damage goes unnoticed.  

If you have questions about anything in this post, please call Debbie Hanna at 225-772-3662.  


Home Maintenance

by Blake Hanna

Your home needs regular maintenance to stay in best condition

Here are some items for interior and exterior maintenance


  • Keep your lawn healthy and green.(Fertilize if necessary)

  • Keep plants and other landscaping healthy

  • Keep your grass cut.(Service your lawn mower when needed)

  • Clean gutters and downspouts

  • Wash windows and clean window wells

  • Repair or replace damaged windows

  • Touch up paint that is peeling or is damaged

  • Inspect you roof and chimney periodically for damage.(Especially after big storms)

  • Check for signs of moisture intrusion.


  • Test smoke and carbon monoxide detectors(replace batteries as needed)

  • Change or clean air conditioning filters.

  • Check windows for cracks and weather tightness.

  • Dust blinds and vacuum curtains.

  • Clean kitchen appliances inside and out.

  • Check appliances for leaks.

  • Check showers, tubs and sinks for leaks.

  • Check to make sure drains are draining properly. 

Blake Hanna, Realtor

The Pat Wattam Team


[email protected]

Home Maintenance Resolutions

by Debbie Hanna

Happy New Year!

This is the time of year when most of us make our thoughtful resolutions to lose weight or make some improvements to our personal and/or business life. I have another thought.  If you are a home owner, maybe it’s time to make some Home Maintenance Resolutions. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”. Regular maintenance may prevent costly repairs in the future! Here are several Home Maintenance items to incorporate into your monthly or annual checklist:

  • Bi-annual HVAC maintenance
  • Change air filters every 3 months
  • Test smoke alarms & carbon monoxide detectors - replace batteries if necessary
  • Replace inefficient weather stripping on front and back doors
  • Clean dryer exhaust vent
  • Chimney inspected and cleaned if necessary
  • Clean gutters & downspouts
  • Inspect roof for missing, damaged or lifted shingles
  • Caulk around tubs, showers & sinks
  • Caulk around doors and windows
  • Check caulking between adjacent materials like brick/wood, wood/stucco, etc
  • Repair or replace damaged or missing screens
  • Check for peeling or cracked paint
  • Wash all windows
  • Clean kitchen and bathroom drains
  • Clean appliances - stove,oven, microwave, refrigerator
  • Trim tree limbs away from the roof
  • Fire Extinguishers – check that they are fully charged or replace, if necessary

Debbie Hanna, Realtor

Why Get a Home Inspected Before Putting It On the Market?

by Pat Wattam

One of the anxiety highpoints during the sale of a home is waiting for the buyer’s home inspection report.  Most sellers willingly disclose what they know about their home to any potential buyers.  The concern stems from the inspector finding something that they’re totally unaware of and that it will either cost them a lot of money to correct or the buyer will simply use it to void the contract.

If the inspection does reveal some unknown problem with the home, it’s probably as big a surprise to the buyer who is not as emotionally or financially invested as the seller.  It is human nature to fear what you don’t understand and when a report identifies defects, they may simply opt-out of the home.

The solution to the situation may be for the seller to have the home inspected prior to putting it on the Market.  There is still a risk of becoming surprised by an unknown defect which at that point, would have to be disclosed to potential buyers or repaired by the seller.  The advantage is that it creates a baseline to compare discrepancies that may arise when a future buyer has the home inspected.

If the seller’s inspection report is made available during the marketing process, it could give buyers a sense of confidence about the home even though they may still choose to have the home checked by their own inspector.

The cost of the inspection, around $400, keeps some sellers from taking this initiative when selling their home.  In an effort to minimize their expenses, they forego getting valuable, disinterested 3rd party advice that could help sell their home.  On a $175,000 home, the fee for the inspection will probably be less than 3/10 of one percent of the sales price.

Another option to the seller to increase marketability of the property and bolster buyer confidence in the home would be to offer a home protection plan.  Generally, the seller doesn’t incur cost for this coverage until the home is sold and there may even be some coverage for the seller during the listing period.  The benefit to the buyer is avoiding unanticipated expenses for specific items that are covered during their first year of ownership.

Contact me for recommendations of home inspectors or home protection plans.  225-298-6900

Why Have a Professional Handle Your Home Inspection

by Pat Wattam

A lot of our clients have friends or family who have been home owners for quite some time or are in the repair industry for things in the house.  These are the people they want to help inspect their new home purchase - not only because they respect their opinion but also because it's FREE!  What's wrong with this?  First, Louisiana Inspectors are licensed and there are specific things they are trained to inspect.  Not only will they tell you what they find wrong with the house, but will give you tips on maintenance or things to keep you eyes on in the future.  No one is perfect, but an impartial 3rd party can help you make sure you aren't buying a lemon!  Also, a licensed home inspector knows that the job you hire them is not to make this home into a new home again, but to alert you to items that need attention - then it's your job to determine which things need to be addressed in order for you to move forward with the sale. 

This is one of the most expensive purchases you will ever make.  Trust your home inspection to a licensed inspector so that you have the best chance of getting a total over all view.

And those of you, who like us, have owned your house for several years, might want to have a home inspection done on your own house to see if there are items you should be aware of.  We recently had a structural engineer check out our house as I had seen some movement in the brick.  Well, what I thought was foundation issues were really termite issues - and I never saw the evidence - even though I look for that stuff all the time!!!  The professional recognized it immediately.  Guess that's what they are the professionals!!

If you never need a list of inspectors to call on, just let us know.  We keep a list handy - just for you!

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