For you buyers who are still sitting on the fence, unable to make a decision about which house to buy so that you can take advantage of the $8000 Tax Credit - ACT NOW!  You only have about 1 week left in which to purchase a house and hope to get it to closing in time to qualify for the tax credit!!  If you don't, YOU ARE THOWING AWAY $8,000!!!!!  I say this for the buyers who just can't seem to make that committment! 

If you haven't found a house you like, then don't be rushed.  This is your home, a place you plan to live for the next few years.  If nothing out there appeals to you, then wait until you find the right house.  BUT, I do have to say, if you can't find ANYTHING to buy, perhaps you need to look at your criteria again.  If there is nothing that fits your budget, then you just need to save up more money or pay down debt so you qualify for more.  Of couse, if you are only need to go up in price $8000-10,000, then buy now and use the Tax Credit to repay yourself!  But if all the houses need some updating, take your tax credit and make the house into what you want! 

Either way, you need to make a decision now.  Call us for help in finding the perfect home.  We'll help you see the pros and cons of your homes to help you make the right decision - timely!