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Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate Market Coming to Life!!

by Pat Wattam

The Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate Market, which includes East Baton Rouge, Livingston, Ascension, Iberville, the Felicians, and West Baton Rouge, has shown a steady increase in sales over the same period last year for the past couple of months.  This year alone, through February, our real estate market has 100 more homes closed than this same period last year.  This may not seem like a big increase, but if you look at the past couple of winters, each year was a little worse than the year before.  Does this mean that our market has turned around?  I think we won't know that until it has happened.  I strongly suspect we will have a very strong spring and summer, but going into the election things may get sluggish as everyone gets involved with the presidential election.  

These low interest rates are not expected to hold indefinitely.  Typically, rates will remain low the year of a presidential election then they tend to trend upward after that - depending on which party wins.  

My team noticed the sales trend the last quarter of 2011 and thought it would hold through the winter, and so far, that's what our real estate market has done.  Don't play the waiting game.  Give us a call and start shopping for  home or investment now!!

How Many Homes Should I Look At Before Buying a House?

by Pat Wattam

We get this question a lot.  Most buyers think they need to see everything, just in case we missed that perfect house!  My team spends many hours a week showing and previewing homes so that when you want to see something, they can help you locate the right house very quickly.  Sometimes you only need to see one house and you know that it is the one.  Sometimes, you have to look at 10 houses because you aren't clear on what you really want.  The more you can help us, the quicker we can find you the perfect home!

Now, I am a horrible buyer.  The house we are in now I had to look at 6 times before I bought it!  Can you imagine why I needed to look at it so often?  Well, it didn't meet two of my criteria.  I needed a big kitchen with a large island and I wanted two fireplaces - one in the keeping room.  My house has a small kitchen with an o.k. sized island and it only had one fireplace.  I'll never forget my husband asking me why I needed a big kitchen since I don't cook!!!  And, he pointed out, if I really had to have a 2nd fireplace, put one in!  So we bought it, I had the 2nd fireplace built plus bookcases on both sides!!!  The house was the right price, the right location, the right size, and full of wonderful amenities.   Since I was very clean on what I wanted it was pretty easy for my husband and me to compromise and get the perfect house!

When searching for the perfect house in the Greater Baton Rouge Area, let my team help you pick out the right home for your next real estate purchase!  Let us save you time and energy - just make a list of what you want in your next house and let us start shopping!


Displaying blog entries 1-2 of 2




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