I know so many people are scared when they think of owning rental property.  The reason I know?  I felt the same what 10 years ago!  When I finally took the plunge, I wondered why it took me so long to see the light!!!  To create wealth, your money has to WORK for you!!!  Owning real estate I have something that I can touch and have some control over it's performance - either by raising rents, enhancing the condition, refinacing to get lower interest rate, or pay it off to generate more income.  

Common Fears:

1.  Don't want to get calls all hours of the night with repair problems, or, don't have any repair skills and the cost to maintain will eat away all profit.  SOLUTION:  place an Old Republic Home Warranty, or other warranty such as AHS, on the property.  If the rent is high enough, have the tenant pay the deductible unless it is a major repair - such as air or heat.

2.  Finding Tenants.  SOLUTION:  We'll help you write you ad and show you how we prospect for tenants for our personal rentals

3.  Property stays vacant too long.  SOLUTION:  Price it competively and make it the prettiest property for the price.

4.  How to price.  SOLUTION:  look in the newspaper and Craig's List to see what your competitors are charging

5.  Where to find a good buy.  SOLUTION:  Let us help you find it.  We ask you questions, find out what your goal is, then help you find the right property!!

Don't be afraid!  You can create financial freedom through the ownership of rental property.  Let us help you make a plan that works for you.  

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