I attended a REALTOR safety class yesterday and they had all kinds of tips for keeping children safe.  There are something like 20 child abductions a day in the United States - they didn't differentiate between abductions by family or by strangers - but still, that is alarming.  So here is a quick list (BTW - true for adults too):

1.  Never let anybody get within 6-8 feet of you.  That is personal space.  If they lunge to grab you, you have time to react.  Teach your kids this, especially your younger ones, to keep this in mind even at parties with adults present.  Don't let a stranger take your child to the bathroom at a party.

2.  Never let the perpetrator take you to a 2nd location - even if they say they will hurt your family if you don't cooperate.  Tell your child  start screaming right then.  If you get carjacked yourself, crash your car into another car of similar size (not a semi!)

3.  There are kits these people sell for easy child identification to give the police.  I think you could make your own kit. What you need is a DNA sample (swab inside their mouth) - I'm sure there are kits you can buy for this.  Also, you need all TEN fingerprints.  A diagram of your child's body with scars and other identifying marks drawn on the diagram.  Obviously, age, height, weight, eye color, hair color, etc.  And a current photo.  Information on both parents with contact information.  Put this all in a zip log bag and store someplace you will remember - and hope that you will never need it.

I hope you will find these tips thought provoking and do some more research to keep both you and your child safe!  We not only want to be your REALTOR but a source of information.  If you have any more tips, please post them here!