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Capital Heights

by Bill Arey

When developed by lumberman and real estate developer Charles Roseman, Capital Heights sudivision was considered "out in the country". In one of the city's oldest subdivisions, an influx of young families give life to old homes. Through a proactive, strong civic association formed in 1992, the turnabout has brought an increase in property values and a decrease in crime.    Excerpted from "Historic Neighborhoods of Baton Rouge" by Annabelle M. Armstrong  Published by The History Press

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Capital Heights - Creativity on Display

by Bill Arey

Capital Heights has a funky charm that draws creative people to live and work. An amazing amount of creativity is happening at the corner of Government and Hebert Streets in the heart of Capital Heights. I'm not sure who the artist is, but the work is wildly imaginative and impressive.

Bill Arey  REALTOR

The Pat Wattam Team

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Why Won't the Seller Accept My Contingent Offer?

by Pat Wattam

I am always amazed when I receive an offer on one of my Listings, in our Baton Rouge Real Estate Market, where the buyer is asking the seller to hold their house off the market in hopes the buyer can sell their house timely.  I think when you are in a slow market, and home sales don't move fast, MAYBE that works.  The buyer says "Just give me 24 hour notice if you get another offer, that way you can still market the house".  My thought is, can you, the buyer, remove that contingency within 24 hours if we get another offer?  If so, you don't need to write a contingent offer.  The typical scenario is that a buyer has a house to sell, and can't find homes that fit their need.  One comes on the market and their thought is, if I can buy THIS particular house, then I'll put mine up for sale.   I totally understand that.  If you seriously want to move, and there aren't homes to meet your needs, and you can't afford two house notes so that you can make an NON contingent offer, then you have TWO options. One, SELL your house first, move to a rental, then start looking for the perfect home.  Two, get to know the market REALLY well, make your house the most attractive home any buyer could want and price it aggressively, find the house the want to buy, put yours up for sale and when you get an offer, make an offer on the house you like - CONTINGENT UPON CLOSING YOURS!  If the other house sells before yours, pull yours off the market!  

Many areas in our real estate market or price ranges of homes for sale are very strong and homes move quickly - other areas do not.  To have an idea of where you and your home fit in this market, this have a professional sit down with you and give you advice.  Let them help you decide if you are a good candidate for a fast sale on your house.  Many times we can see the situation better than you can and can give you advice on getting the house ready, qualifying for a loan, we know what homes are out there or maybe even some that may be coming on the market soon.  Let the Pat Wattam Team guide you.  Trust me, if a seller takes a contingent offer, you are not going to be able to negotiate the best deal.  You need a position of strength and we can guide you there!  Call us today at 225-298-6900

Displaying blog entries 1-3 of 3




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