We are in for a real treat on March the 13th, 2014 as the Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra, joined by the Acadiana Symphony, the Baton Rouge Chorus and other signers, perform Mahler's 2nd Symphony - the Resurection Symphony - my personal favorite orchestral piece!  This work is BIG!  It requires a huge orchestra and chorus and it drives you to the depths of despair and then to the heights of estacy in the resurrection!  It is such a powerful piece.

Mahler's "Resurrection" Symphony was first performed in 1895. The inspiration for the work came from music that Mahler heard at the funeral of Hans von Bülow, a conductor he revered. It's a massive and utterly awe-inspiring work, which begins with an often-terrifying funeral march and ends, more than 80 minutes later, with a blazing choral hymn celebrating the ultimate rebirth of the spirit. The adjective "life-changing" is overused to describe many things, but Mahler's Second genuinely has that kind of transformative power. Some fans of the symphony have a religious, almost cultish devotion to it. For many orchestras and conductors, it is a musical Everest, a benchmark, and a go-to piece for momentous occasions. It is simply one of the greatest works of art ever created, and it is exactly the music that we need to listen to right now."  Albert Imperato

TIckets can be purchased online at http://www.BRSO.org  The Pat Wattam Team will be there and we hope to see you there too!

Gustav Mahler