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3 Staging Tips - Baton Rouge Real Estate

by Blake Hanna

3 Staging Tips


  1. It's a good idea to de-clutter your house. We recommend using plastic bins to put items away. Go through your house and pack away things you don't need, don't use and clean areas that are messy. Clean off counters and tables throughout the house so that only the necessities remain.

  2. It's also a good idea to de-personalize the house. It's okay to have a few family items but the majority should be put away. A few pictures is all you need. You want to give the person viewing your house the idea that it could be their house.

  3. Curb Appeal and First Impressions are important. And the very first impression they receive is when they pull into your driveway.If you have children, clean up their toys. If you have shrubs, prune them. Lay fresh mulch. Put some grass seed on the bare spots in your yard. Paint your foundation. Plant some flowers. After all, you pull into your driveway almost everyday of your life.

Tips for First Time Home Buyers - Baton Rouge Real Estate

by Blake Hanna

Tips for the First Time Home Buyer


1. Know What You Want

You are about to make one of the most important decisions and one of the biggest commitments in your life, so you had better be clear on what you want. The home buying process can be difficult, so don't add stress by not being prepared. Make sure you've thought through what you are looking for and what you are willing to compromise on so that the transaction will go as smooth as possible.


2. Finances- Talk to a Lender

Browsing homes on the internet and making lists of all things you would love in your first house is a great first step, but unless you are paying cash or qualify for a loan you are just window shopping. Having a lender assess your finances will let you know if you can afford to buy a house and for how much. You may have to work on your finances, but you also may qualify for more than you think. It's great to do this first so that you don't end up wasting your time. The lender will also be able to let you know what you need to do to get qualified.


3. Find a Great REALTOR®

Finding a good Realtor can save you time, money and help to make the transaction as smooth and stress-free as possible. A good Realtor® is an effective negotiator and will probably get you more house for your money than if you went at it alone. They will also listen to your wants and needs, help you narrow down the areas and houses to look at, and help you to find what your are really looking for.

Buy Instead of Renting - The Pat Wattam Team

by Blake Hanna

Buy Instead of Rent


1. Savings and Equity

When you are renting a home, you pay your monthly rent check and that money is gone forever. When buying a home, every mortgage payment you make builds equity in your home and gets you closer to full ownership.


2. Interest Rates

With interest rates still low, now is a great time to buy and take advantage of the rates before they rise.

3. Tax Breaks

Everyone dreads tax season. The homeowner can deduct the real estate property tax, some or all of the interest on the mortgage, and the cost of insurance for the property.


4. Stability

A homeowner pays the same every month/year when they have a fixed rate mortgage, giving the owner a sense of stability. A renter may be faced with rent increases with the cost of living. Owning a home gives you stability in that your payment will not change regardless of the increase of cost of living.


5. Freedom

Unlike renters, homeowners have the right to make structural and aesthetic changes to their home and yard as they want.

Interest Rates on the Rise

by Blake Hanna

You probably have read or noticed that mortgage rates are on the rise. This isn't the time to shy away from buying a house, this is the time to take advantage of the rates while they are still low. If you are unsure, have questions, or need help, that's what we are here for!

We offer a free consultation for anyone wanting to learn about the home buying process and all that it entails. It's free! It's a chance for you to meet with someone one on one to discuss your needs and wants and to understand what it taked to buy a house! Did I mention it's free? It's FREE!

Contact us today!

Blake Hanna, Realtor

The Pat Wattam Team - Re/Max First


[email protected]

Will Mortgage Rates Rise in 2015?

by Blake Hanna

Every year one concern for home buyers is what their interest rate will be.  Mortgage rates for 2015 are predicted to rise, but when and how much?  For most of 2014, the average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage has fluctuated between just above 4% and 4.5%. 

Here are four trends to watch for in 2015:

The demographic wave of Millennials will help boost prices.  

Baby Boomers made up the largest population for the past decade.  However, as of late last year, the now 23 year olds make up the largest population, followed by 24 and 22 year olds, respectively.  As this generation ages another year, they will begin to settle down, start families and begin to look for homes.

Young people will continue to demand housing where it's tough to build.  

Single-family home construction has been so subdued in part because the Millennial generation as a whoe prefers to live where housing is expensive and where building in difficult.

Mortgage rates will rise.  

The Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation, or Freddie Mac, predicts rates will rise to 5% in late 2015.

Home price increases will decelerate, but affordability will decline.  

It is predicted that home values will rise, but even slower than last year.  A survey of homeowners suggested that more of them will look to sell their home next year, putting more downward pressure on prices.

If you're thinking of buying a home, now may be the time since even a modest increase can increase monthly mortgage costs, depending on the size of the loan.

Blake Hanna, Realtor


[email protected]

Mortgage Rates on the Rise!

by The Pat Wattam Team

Mortgage Rates Might Not Be Low for Long according to this news article.   The near-record low mortgage rates seen during the past few weeks may not be around much longer.   These low rates have been fueling the Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate Market and a lof o us have thought the low rates would continue for the next 6 months.  However, this article dispels that thought.

Signs of improving economic conditions could lead Federal Reserve Chair Ben Bernanke to raise key interest rates, driving up mortgage rates, says Stephen Stanley, chief economist at Pierpont Securities LLC.

The evidence includes more consumers are paying their bills on time. Past-due accounts at American Express declined 34 percent compared to a year ago, and Target Corp. reported its lowest delinquency rate in two years during the second quarter.

In another sign of economic improvement, fewer banks reported tightening lending standards this month, one reason consumer borrowing rose for the second time in three months.

“If lending standards start to stabilize, that’ll be another reason to remove the emergency measures, including the zero rate,” says Jay Bryson, a senior global economist at Wells Fargo Securities LLC in Charlotte, N.C., who formerly worked at the Fed in Washington.

Source: Bloomberg

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