In the Baton Rouge area, New Home Construction is booming! Whether you are    buying a Spec home or a Custom home, there are lots of choices for Buyers in Baton  Rouge and the surrounding areas. Building a new home can be very rewarding,as  everything is new and in the initial years,you can avoid some of the maintenance &  repair issues that come with resale homes, along with having choices in design,finishes  & having an Energy efficient home.

 Where do you start, when there are so many things to know & decide upon, before  starting the process? Depending on a Spec or Custom home, those items can include  choice of location, subdivision, lot, Builder, custom home design or finite choice of  floorplans, deposit & payments, options & upgrades, warranties, contract terms,refund  policy,financing requirements, inspections, timelines, and PRICE.

 With everything that’s involved in a New Home Construction purchase, you need a  professional Realtor who will educate you on the process, help define your needs & preferences, review and explain  transaction documents & everything in between! Your Realtor will protect your interests and help keep the transaction on  target. 


Debbie Hanna,  Realtor Partner

The Pat Wattam Team

RE/MAX First