Baton Rouge & surrounding areas have been inundated with significant storm events over the last few weeks. Those storms have produced heavy rains, winds & hail, all of which can create issues for your roof, now or in the not too distant future. If you notice missing shingles or see shingles in your yard, it's a no-brainer - call a roofer! Hail damage can also compromise a roof, but is harder to see from ground level. Hail can cause soft spots on asphalt shingles. It may cause the granules on the top layer of the shingle to loosen and crumble away (you may see evidence of this in your gutters, around downspouts, or just on the ground). Other evidence of hail damage may be on the metal parts of the roof, such as flashing & vent pipes, where you will see dents.

Many roofing companies will inspect your roof at no charge. If you think you may have storm-related damage, get a professional roofer out to your home as soon as possible to assess the damage & prevent any leaks from happening. If the roofer sees significant hail damage, which may warrant an insurance claim, make sure he meets the insurance adjuster when he/she comes out to inspect your home. Together they can do a thorough & accurate inspection to make sure no damage goes unnoticed.  

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