Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a vacation home?  Someplace to spend a relaxing weekend.  We bought our first vacation property about 2 years ago - a condo on the Diversion Canal.   looked at it as a great investment and now it's a place we really call home!  Because it is so close to home, we tend to go there many weekends.  This was unexpected - I always thought if we bought a vacation home it would be far away - someplace to take us away from it all.   I find that a lot of us really enjoy a water view and there are so many options for us around Baton Rouge.  I don't own a boat but love to go for rides when invited.  My favorite part is reading a book in a comfy chair on our balcony overlooking the water.  It's so peaceful and serene. 

In Baton Rouge we can go to False River, or the Tickfaw, or the Diversion Canal...so many choices and so many different price ranges.  Another place that would have also been fun would be a little place in the woods around St Francisville - a historic town where you can go hiking, or take nice drives out into the country side.  When some people had to evacuate to our area after Katrina and wanted to buy something, they decided to find a little vacation place out in the woods noth of here, a place that they would be able to continue to enjoy even after they rebuild back in New Orleans.

Dream a little bit!  With interest rates still hovering around 6%, this is a great time to take the next step.  A place for you to recharge your spirit, or a place that your grand children will want to visit often...a place for you to create memories to last a lifetime!

As we said in the 60's - Live for Today!