When I was a new agent, I spent most Sunday's holding open house.  Sometimes at new construction, sometimes at an existing home.  Since I was new to Baton Rouge and didn't know a lot of people, it was one of the few ways I had of meeting people.  In fact, I pretty much built my real estate business by holding open houses.  In all that time, I sold very few of my listings from open house.  In today's internet age, are Open Houses a thing of the past? 

As a buyer, they are still very helpful in learning about homes and prices - things you can do online as well but a lot more fun in person!  Of course, not all homes are held open so the BEST way to find a house is to have your Realtor (one of my team members, of course!) do the research on what you want and help you find the right house!!  So why not do all your searching online instead of in person?  Online you can't really see what the subdivison looks like, if the neighbors have a barking dog, if the neighor keeps up their lawn, and if the subdivision has a nice, well kept look - which helps a subdivision hold it's value. 

On my team, we look a many houses every week and can shorten the time it takes you to find the right house because we have probably already shown it to another client!  This is why a Buyer Counseling Interview is so important.  It gives us a chance to really find out what you are looking for in a home so that we can do the research for you.

As a seller, is holding your home open a good way to find buyers?  Well, as you can see from above, the odds are not favorable that a buyer will come to open house and buy your house.  BUT, if it isn't the home for them, if they like it, they might tell a friend about it!  Less than 1% of the people who come to open house actually buy the open house.  But, it's your call on that.  We use is as a marketing tool to get out word on our Listings and to give it extra exposure,

To conclude, open houses are still viable for buyers and sellers, but the best source of finding a house for buyers is working with a good Realtor.  And, for a seller, an Agent who uses many different marketing strategies will get their house sold in the least amount of time and for the most money!  Call the Pat Wattam Team at RE/MAX First today!