Baton Rouge made the list in BusinessWeek for a city best situated to ride out a recession!!  According to the article, the fact that we are NOT dependent upon the 'durable goods' Market plus the benefits of GO ZONE financing in commercial and industrial sectors, gives us a 'cushion' of a sort to weather the current financial situation.

This is the second article about Baton Rouge in the national media touting our healthy economy.  Even though we are all still feeling the effects of hurricane Gustav, the city feels like it is getting back to normal!  Most of the debris from the storm has been removed and though there are still many 'blue tarps' over the city, most people are going about their daily business!

It will be interesting to see how our retail sector does during the holiday season and if we can stand out from what is expected to be one of the worst retail holiday seasons in a long while.

In our Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate market we do see a downturn for the month of October, but that is understandable since we lost almost a month due to the effect of the hurricanes.  We hope that as soon as the presidential election is over our market will start to move again.  The uncertainty in wall street as well as the constant negative press about the housing market continues to make people here feel a bit hesitant.  it's hard to believe that your area is healthy when all you hear about is the horrible situation facing Florida, Phoenix, and Las Vegas!