A recent newspaper headline in Baton Rouge read:  "Forecloosure become trend in home sales", leading a casual observer to think, without reading the article, that Baton Rouge is full of foreclosed properties.  When people think of foreclosed properties they think about buying their dream home for half price.  Well, if you live in California and can afford to pay $600,000 for a property once worth $1Million, that could be true! However, in Baton Rouge, the MAJORITY of foreclosed properties, few as they are, are not the dream house you have been waiting for!  According to the article, as well as my own research through our multiple listing system, we have about 1.5-2% of homes on the Market that are bank owned.  Not exactly what the headlines lead you to believe!!!

The good news in the Greater Baton Rouge Real Estate Market is that we have a stable real estate market,  excellent mortgage interest rates and lots of loan products that make home ownership affordable, and a good supply of properties to choose from.  Check here often as we start to showcase the new construction coming on line under $150,000!!!!