Just met with 3 new sellers this week - one is an estate so the heirs really didn't know the condition of the home; one is a resale - pretty new home, inspected 4 years ago when purchased; and one is a custom built home that is about 12 years old.  I always suggest sellers have their home pre-inspected before going on the Market so that we don't have any surprises when the buyer has the inspection (part of the purchase agreement).  As I am sure you expect, the estate house had a few items that needed to be taken care of - including a leaking AC Coil that is less than 2 years old plus the types of things I expect to get in a house of this age - wiring in the attic not in conduits, etc.  Not too bad.  The 4 year old home had foundation work done but never followed up on the cracked stucco.  Any buyer would be fearful of this so getting that piece inspected will give the buyer peace of mind.  And last, the 12 year old home, that is beautiful, has 16 double paned windows with broken seals - better to know that now and get some bids to get the work done instead of having a buyer ask for that - after negotiating a price on the house.  I can not say it enough, get the house pre-inspected before putting it on the market!! 

Prepare your home for sale!