At the Louisiana Realtors Meeting last week, the speaker discussed the changing real estate Market around the country.  As agents and companies around the country were polled, it was discovered that although sales in some areas are off, that overall, housing prices are still on an upward trend!!!  The media hype over the 'real estate bubble'  causes buyers to pause, waiting for the prices to drop significantly - and while waiting, the interest rate can rise, and the house they really want, but want to wait until the price comes down, as they are told it must, will sell to someone else!!

It's interesting how the media can make a story, even when there isn't one there.  The first thing that comes to my mind is the Millennium and all the doomsday predictions!!  Of course, I chose to head to Hawaii, because if all the power were to go out, and all kinds of computers crash, I figured what better place to be than Hawaii!!  Oh, then I remember back to 1974 when we had the 'gas shortage' and years later we find out that that wasn't the truth either - but maybe we can't blame that on the media!

The only way to know what the real estate market is doing is to take a look at historic trends.  If you look back over the past 20 years, the ONLY time there was a real housing downturn all around the country was during the energy crises in the '80's.   The rest of the graph is a steady growth, with a few dips here and there, but still heading up - much like the stocks!