As people spend more and more time in their backyards with their backyard kitchens, pools, etc, not to mention front load garages, we are seeing more and more people spending less money on their front yard and more on their back.  While this makes some sense - you see your backyard typically for longer periods of time that the front - which you basically see when you drive in, but the front yard does make a statement about your house.  And when your house is for sale, this is particularly important.  

So, if your house is for sale, we need color in the front - color to attract people and get their attention. Red is always eye catching, as are other bright colors.  You need to pack the color together so that it makes a statement


Note how the yellow flowers are bunched together so they make a statement - the bright colored azaleas.  This draws a lot of attention to the front of the house with not a lot of expense.

Not what a statement the yellow flowers make when bunched up. 

So, when thinking about making a statement in the front yard, you don't have to spend a lot of money, but carefully choose color and pack it in tightly!