With mortgage interest rates at an all time low, at least since I have been in real estate, now truly is the time to buy a home, move up to your dream home, refinance your home, or buy that investment property!!   A 30 year fixed rate home mortgage is running about 4.25%.  On a $200,000 loan, that would be a principle and interest of approximately $893.88 - compare that to $1104.01 with a 5.5% rate!  That's a savings of over $100 a month!!  Or, think of it this way, you can buy a home that costs $5000 more!! 

Of course, home mortgages are credit score driven and the higher your credit score the more options you have open to you.  The 15 year interest rate is the one that got me really excited....it's at 3.75% which is terribly exciting when you think only 7 years ago the 15 year rate was 5.25%.

Not sure where to start? Give the Pat Wattam Team a call and we'll help you sort out how to take advantate of this Market.  With more homes to choose from, we know you can find something that will make you want to take advantage of this great real estate market!