In todays housing Market, it may become a necessity to have the home pre-inspected before listing it.  Getting a professional inspector to prepare a report will provide an accurate snapshot as to the true condition of the home.  This will alert the seller to any situations that need to be addressed that they might have overlooked just because they became accustomed to their presence.  It is up to the seller whether they make the repairs but if they do, receipts can be maintained and made a part of the pre-inspection report.  This will ease the mind of the potential buyer in that what they see is what they get!  Another advantage in getting the pre-inspection report is it eliminates last-minute price negotiating and also eliminates the buyer-beware attitude speeding up the negotiating process.  By showing the buyers that the home is well-maintained would be a distinct benefit.  It could also save the buyer some money if they were to accept the pre-inspection report as sufficient for their needs.  Before putting your home up for sale, consider the many advantages to home buyers and home sellers that a professional home inspection offers as part of the sale process.

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