Even if you are not planning to sell your house any time soom, spring time is a great time to give your house a once over and see what needs to be done.  The more updated you keep your home while you are living there, the easier it will be to sell when the time comes!!  I meet so many people who have lived in their house 20 years and not done one thing to update it.  We all get used to how our home looks and just don't want to spend the money.  But, I'm going to give you a list to think about.  Pick a few that would make your home more enjoyable (and hopefully more sellable when the time comes)/

1.  Pressure wash and paint the exterior as needed.  You have to pressure wash it once a year and usually paint every 5 years or so.

2.  Rework the landscaping.  Don't keep it so outdated with lots of shrubs.  Pull some out, add some flowering plants, maybe a palm tree or two.  You have to update the outside just as you do the inside.

3.  Get rid of those curtains!!!  I don't care how good the fabric is, if the colors are not current, get rid of them.  This is especially true if the colors are jewel toned, pink, baby blue, peach, or mauve.

4.  Same thing goes for the interior walls when it comes to color.

5.  Update your light fixtures

6.  Yes, I know you have REALLY good 30 year old carpet.  Replace it.

7.  Add wood floors to the den, living room, or dining room.  This will usually be an excellent return on investment!

8.  Change the hardware on the cabinets - change out the faucets - make the home have a fresh, new look.

9.  Remove some clutter.  Yes, we all live with it but let's face it, some of that stuff has to go.  Worst case, take a nice photo of it and make a photo album of all the cool things you are now going to discard!!

10.  Make sure your AC is in tip top condition, that you have a fairly new roof (since Katrina), and that there are no active leaks in the ceiling or under the sinks.

This is a nice start to updating your house while you are still there to enjoy it!