I know that pictures say it better than words so I am going to show you an example of a house I sold with before and after photos.  The house had been on the Market for a while and did not sell.  I was hired to come in and make it happen - get the house sold.  It was a beautiful house, well cared for and very cheery with a lot of yellow walls with blue accent colors in pillows and fabrics.  But, as I explained to the seller, when you are selling, your house has to appeal to a lot of different people with different color pallets of their furniture and belongings.  We went with a warmer neutral color - the blues still popped but now it appeals to a broader population.

Please note how we had the seller remove quite a few items from these book cases and regroup them in a more interesting manner.  Looks much better, don't you think?

After changing the walls colors, the house sold almost immediately.  Another thing we did to make the house more attractive from the outside was to change the angle we shot of the front of the house - making sure we had a pretty day - even though it was winter - the shadows from the tree in the front yard show some depth and makes the traditional ranch view a little more interesting.


I hope these visuals give you an idea on how you can neutralize your house and yet still keep it charming and interesting to a buyer.  One of the things the Pat Wattam Team offers our sellers is help in deciding what to do to the house to maximize the appeal to a buyer.  We also offer a variety of videos to help you prepare to sell.  Call us today!