When thinking about where you want to live next, one of the first things you have to consider is your lifestyle.  Are you too busy now to take care of a large yard?  Do you want to live within walking distance of restaurants and shopping?  Is a playground important?  How about a neighborhood pool?  Do you like to take walks or ride your bike?  Do you want upscale amenities in your home?  If you answered 'yes' to these questions, The Settlement at Willow Grove is just waiting for you.  The rooftops tell the story of these low maintence yards and beautifully designed homes. The planned community includes lots of green space, tree lined walkways, landscaped gardens, fountains and benches. 

The homes in the Settlement at Willow Grove include ones built by local home builder, Gayle Carmouche, owner of LaFosse Home Builders - A Premier Builder of Custom Residential Homes.  Gayle Carmouches extensive experience in building in River Ranch in Lafayette, as well as the Settlement at Willow Grove sets her apart from the others.  She understands that the lot you select dictates a lot about what you can build and makes sure you utilitze the lot to it's fullest. She has several homes under construction, two more to be completed by spring of 2015.


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