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Superior Grill

by Pat Wattam

Superior Grill is an awesome place to enjoy great Mexican food, great happy hour and great music.

Famous for their Superior Margaritas and Sizzling Fajitas, Superior Grill is the place to be for happy hour, parties, and an overall great hang. 

Live music Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays(when LSU isn't playing). 

Superior also has great breakfast!

Located at 5435 Government St. 

Blake Hanna, Realtor


College Town

by Bill Arey

College Town was developed in 1923 and was created from the farmland of the Denis Daigre family. The price of an average lot in College Town in 1963 was $7,000*. Today a vacant lot is an extreme rarity.... a lot sold in April 2013 and the purchase price was $250,000!!

* Excerpted from "Historic Neighborhoods of Baton Rouge" by Annabelle M. Armstrong  Published by The History Press

    Bill Arey   The Pat Wattam Team  ReMax First

Landscaping Tips

by Pat Wattam

As people spend more and more time in their backyards with their backyard kitchens, pools, etc, not to mention front load garages, we are seeing more and more people spending less money on their front yard and more on their back.  While this makes some sense - you see your backyard typically for longer periods of time that the front - which you basically see when you drive in, but the front yard does make a statement about your house.  And when your house is for sale, this is particularly important.  

So, if your house is for sale, we need color in the front - color to attract people and get their attention. Red is always eye catching, as are other bright colors.  You need to pack the color together so that it makes a statement


Note how the yellow flowers are bunched together so they make a statement - the bright colored azaleas.  This draws a lot of attention to the front of the house with not a lot of expense.

Not what a statement the yellow flowers make when bunched up. 

So, when thinking about making a statement in the front yard, you don't have to spend a lot of money, but carefully choose color and pack it in tightly!

Capital Heights

by Bill Arey

When developed in 1918 by lumberman and real estate developer Charles Roseman, Capital Heights subdivision was considered “out in the country”. In one of the city’s oldest subdivisions, an influx of young families give life to old homes. Through a proactive, strong civic association formed in 1992, the turnabout has brought an increase in property values and decrease in crime.

Excerpted from “ Historic Neighborhoods of Baton Rouge” by Annabelle M.
Armstrong      Published by The History Press


   Bill Arey  The Pat Wattam Team  225-298-6900

The Highland Cemetery

by Bill Arey

The Highland Cemetery is the final resting place for two veterans of the Revolutionary War as well as numerous veterans of the War of 1812 and the Civil War. Highland Cemetery was virtually abandonded after the Civil War as families preferred the newer, larger cemeteries closer to downtown Baton Rouge. The gates to the cemetery are just steps from the College Town Neighborhood Park. A very interesting piece of Baton Rouge's past in a beautiful setting.

   Bill Arey  225-298-6900

The Garden District

by Bill Arey

The historic Garden District has charm and character, with a cosmopolitan
blend of residents and architectural styles. Composed of subdivisions Roseland
Terrace (founded in 1911), Drehr Place (1919) and Kleinert Terrace (1925), the
district attracts those who do not want to be like everyone else.

Excerpted from “ Historic Neighborhoods of Baton Rouge” by Annabelle M.
Armstrong      Published by The History Press

   Bill Arey  

What To Do When You've Been Hacked

by Pat Wattam

Reset All Passwords

Don't wait to do this. Change the password on the hacked account, all associated accounts, and any other account which uses the same password or any variation of that password. DO NOT reuse passwords. Reusing passwords or changing it to something like your_name123.....not a good idea.


Run Scans

Run whatever anti-virus and/or malware programs to scan for any infected files or programs on your computer. Make sure these programs are up to date and that you are running the most recent version of your operating system.


Check for Backdoors

Good hackers will get you with backdoor programs that allow them back into your system, applications, or email even after you've done the steps above. Check your email rules and filters and make sure nothing is being redirected to another account you didn't set up.


Account Recovery

Check your accounts to make sure your security questions have not been change. If things seem off, go through the steps of resetting security questions.


Inform Contacts

Most of the time, one of your contacts will let you know you been hacked before you figure it out after they've received a strange email from you. Once you know, send out an email to your contacts and let them know. You may save one of them from being hacked themselves.


Check Browser Extensions and Installed Programs

How to check web browser extensions varies depending on which browser you use. When you get to the extension page, double check that you recognize all the extensions. Some extensions are okay. An example is Google Docs. If you see something you didn't install or have no idea what it is, get rid of it. Don't just click disable, delete or uninstall it.


Once you've gone through these steps, refer to the blog on how to avoid being hacked at:


Blake Hanna, Realtor

The Pat Wattam Team

What Drives Interest Rates?

by Pat Wattam

Andy Aucoin from Essential Mortgage sent this to me today.  I found it fascinating and wanted to share if with you.  

Thaw Out With Art

by Pat Wattam

Just when you think spring has arrived, another cold snap happens!  So, "Thaw Out With Art" is the theme of the MidCity Art Thaw, Thursday, March 27th from 5:30-i p.m. in Baton Rouge.  Mid City Merchants participating:

Brewbachers Grill on Government

Decor Roug, on Government

Elizabethan Gallery, Jefferson Highway by Capital Heights

LamPost Antiques and Gifts, Jefferson Hwy

Mosaid Garden on Government

Rue Cou Cou on Government

Sally's Circa 1857 on Government

Studio c on Government

Wooden Haven Furniture on Government

For more information call 225-924-6437

Are You Feeling Wicked??

by Pat Wattam

The Baton Rouge Symphony Orchestra presents a concert of showstoppers from Broadway, opera and popular music, highlighted by selections from the Tony Award-winning musical WICKED. This program features Julie Reiber (Elphaba) and Laura Woyasz (Glinda) from the Broadway production of Wicked and will showcase the breadth of their high-flying talents. In addition to favorites from the "untold tale of the witches of Oz", the program also includes favorites from Gypsy, Ragtime, Titanic plus Opera selections from George Bizet's Carmen.


March 28,2014 at 7:30PM

River Center for the Performing Arts

Displaying blog entries 1-10 of 185




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