Here are five common mistakes that first-time home buyers make:

1. Not asking enough questions of their lender. There are programs available to qualifying home buyers for grant money and other kinds of programs. The buyer may miss out on the best deal available to them.

2. Not thinking of the competition and taking too long to make a decision about buying the house. This could cause the buyer to lose their dream home to someone else.

3. Not finding a real estate representative willing to focus on the needs of the buyer and walking them through the process. The can lead to many frustrations down the road.

4. Not making an offer appealing to the seller. An experienced Realtor® can help a buyer craft a solid offer and win the contract.

5. On average, a first-time home buyer stays in the home for twelve years in the Baton Rouge area. They don't consider the resale of the home before they buy.

There are many homes you can search when trying to find that right one!  

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