The truth is buying or selling a home can be a major FINANCIAL and EMOTIONAL undertaking. Enlisting the services of a Realtor® can be of great benefit. 

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Here are a few reasons to work with a Realtor®:

1. A Realtor® can guide you through the process. You want to avoid costly mistakes or delays and the realtor can prepare the best deal for you.

2. A Realtor® can find the best property on the Market.  Sometimes property you may be looking for is available but it may not be actively advertised.  Your Realtor is willing to do some investigation to find all available properties.

3. A Realtor® can help with determining your buying power.  By providing your agent with basic information about your available income, savings, current debt, they can refer you to the best lenders to suit your needs.

4. A Realtor® can help with negotiating. Financing, price, terms date of possession and sometimes repairs of equipment are among some of the negotiating factors. 

5. A Realtor® can help close the sale of the home.  Questions can (and usually) arise between the initial sales agreement and closing (or settlement).  Your Realtor® is the best person to objectively help you resolve these issues and move the transaction to closing.

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