When you go to a scheduled showing with your Realtor, usually the house is very tidy and staged to look its best. The owners furnishings can be a distraction. Here a few things to notice beyond their nice sofa and coffee table!


Plumbing leaks: Check for possible signs of water damage due to leaky plumbing in the cabinets under the sinks.

Closets: Think about the number of closets and the size in each bedroom as well as additional closets throughout the house. And think about their location in the house.

Electrical Outlets: Are there enough outlets in each room for your needs? Is that a renovation you are willing to finance?

Appliances: Any installed appliances remain with the house in Louisiana. Look inside that oven and dishwasher.

Area Rugs: What are the rugs covering up? Look underneath to make sure the floor is in good condition.

Floors: Are the floors level? You can check this with a marble or other small round object.

Windows: What is the view out the windows? Consider whether you are comfortable looking out the kitchen window at your neighbor’s driveway, etc.


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