What are your expectations as a Buyer or Seller? What does your  REALTOR® expect from you? 

I find that one of the most interesting aspects of being a REALTOR® is managing the clients’ expectations.  In the world of HGTV, the buyers' expectations of the seller are to give them a house in perfect, move-in condition.  The sellers of that house, in preparation to put it on the market, may have decided that instead of updating it, they will just sell it the way it is. The expectations of these two clients are in direct conflict.  

One of my jobs as a REALTOR® is to help my clients bring their expectations into the reality of our local Market.  A seller is not usually going to make their 40-yr old home a new home by updating everything. However, we do expect the seller to have maintained the home.  As a seller, you do not get extra value for replacing an HVAC system or roof, because those items are considered maintenance. Buyers expect to have a good roof and an HVAC system that is in good working order. But will replacing those things make the house sell faster?  Yes.  And that helps the seller make more money.  Here’s why. Let’s say a new HVAC costs $5000.  If the seller doesn't want to repair the system and wants to sell the house with no repairs, a buyer is going to offer significantly less than the cost of the HVAC. Why? Because many buyers will make the assumption that if the seller hasn't maintained the HVAC, then what else has not been maintained that they will have to deal with after closing?  And, depending on the price range, the buyer may not have the cash to do the replacement, so they will just go select another house without those issues.  

Some other expectations that have to be managed include what a client expects of us, as Realtors, and what we, as Realtors, expect from our clients.  We expect our clients to be on time and respect our time as we respect theirs. We expect our buyers to be prequalified.  We expect our sellers to disclose all the information about the condition of their home so that we can give them the best advice possible. We expect your loyalty, just as we give you ours. We expect sellers to make their house available to be shown at all reasonable hours.  We expect our buyers to give us notice when they want to see houses so that we have time to make the appointment to see it.  

All of these expectations are discussed in our counseling interviews with our buyers and sellers.  I believe that talking through all of this upfront makes for a better real estate transaction!!!  I look forward to helping you buy or sell your next house!  Let's get together and discuss expectations!!