Most people have some kind of retirement plan, financial plan, business plan, career plan, etc. But have many have a housing plan? By that, I mean, are you maximizing your financial future with your housing plan?

Housing Plan

I met with some of my sellers last week who had been in the same house for over 20 years and the house is over 30 years old.  Unfortunately, over that time, their neighborhood had gone down a bit - it has capped off at what homes are worth, no matter how nice they are or how large they are, the neighborhood has a ceiling on prices. Of course, since they have a larger home than most, and it's nicely updated, they will sell faster than other homes in the subdivision. If they had sold that house at least 10 years ago, and bought in a newer subdivision, that home would have increased in value more than their current home has, over the same time period.

That's why it is important to keep track of the real estate market where you live. As your Realtor, I can share the latest market activity with you and help you decide when it's time to move. Even in a "Seller's Market" it's a good idea to consider buying a different home when your lifestyle needs to change, either because your children have left home for college or you have decided to retire. There are lots of reasons.

Another thing to consider is downsizing while you are still in control of your own decisions. My in-laws decided to sell their home and downsize when they were in their early seventies. They moved into an apartment in anticipation of moving into a retirement community which they did five years later, saving themselves a lot of money. I loved them for that (among other things) because it meant my husband and I didn't have to go to North Carolina and do it for them, they had full control of the process!

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