As a listing agent we always ask the showing agents for feedback on their showing of one of our listings, hoping to close the sale.  Personally, I am only looking for more than one agent to mention something in their feedback that I can do something about - such as, maybe they saw a rotten window or maybe they noticed a crack in the brick.  These items I can take to the seller and handle.  But the typical feedback goes something like this: "The house showed really well but they decided on a different house."  Now, to me that means that the buyer found a better deal - a home with a better price or a home at the same price with more amenities. That means my seller needs to reduce the price to be competitive.

When I get other feedback such as, "The buyer didn't like the color of the walls" or "the buyer thought the floors were too dark", I actually call the showing agent back and ask the question: If the seller would change the color of the walls (or whatever issue was mentioned) would your buyers buy the house?   If their answer is 
"No" then that objection was merely a 'smoke screen"!  OR WAS IT?

I find that not all agents are able to look at a house and see what needs to be changed to make it their buyers perfect house.  As a REALTOR it is our job to help the buyer see the house as it could be, if it meets all their other criteria.  Once I had a lovely couple with VERY specific needs in a house and very few houses hit all their points.  However, one of my listings was perfect for them.  The issue was, even though the house was only 3 years old, the clients who had built it were older and it had that older look, including their furniture - which didn't help matters.  I finally had a heart to heart with my buyers to ask them specifically why they weren't buying this house as it did meet all their criteria.  Their list included the color of the kitchen cabinet stain, the paint colors, the kitchen counters, and the floor in the kitchen.  My question to them was:  "If the seller will agree to do all of those items would you buy the house?" Well, their answer was 'yes'.  Then I went to the seller with this list and trying to figure out if the updates could be made and what would it cost.  As we waiting for those numbers I got an interior decorator to meet with the buyers and show them what she thought they should do in the house - which, by the way, did NOT include cabinets, counters of floors!  She showed them how the right area rugs would take care of the floors and the right furniture would change the feel of the place as well as what accent pieces should could put on the counters.  By the time she was done all the seller had to do was paint and replace kitchen cabinet knobs!!! You see, a good agent is not just an order taker in that they don't have to show you 40 houses (unless they truly didn't understand what you wanted).  A great agent will figure out what you want and show you how to make a house your new home without breaking the bank!!!

So the next time you get stuck while looking at houses, forget all the things in a house you don't like and see what it is you do like.  IF it IS THE house for you, then work with your REALTOR to find a way to make it happen!! As always, the Pat Wattam Five Star Team is waiting to help you!