What a great idea!  Get somebody else to fund your child's college education! Nifty idea? Well, all it takes is owning rental property. Think about this - if you bought a rental property when the child is born, or within a couple of years, put it on a 15 year payout, then sell it when they are ready to go off to school. Even if the house doesn't appreciate in value, somebody else paid for it!! And, if it does appreciate, even better for you!  


In Baton Rouge, you can find good real estate buys that will create cash flow for you on a 30 year payout.  But, if your goal is to have it paid off in 15 years, then concentrate on paying it off, not on cash flow.  


Most people are afraid to own rental property. What if the house doesn't rent?  How do I mange it?  How do I find tenants?  I have all the tips and forms you need to make this easy for you. Call me today and I'll show you how easy this is to do. We'll help you make a plan, and then we will search out the best properties for you, based on your needs. Talk to you soon!


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