We get this question a lot. Most buyers think they need to see everything, just in case we missed that perfect house!  My team spends many hours per week showing and previewing homes so that when you want to see something, they can help you locate the right house very quickly.  Sometimes you only need to see one house and you know that it is the one.  Sometimes, you have to look at 10 houses because you aren't clear on what you really want.  The more you can tell us about your needs and wants, the quicker we can find you the perfect home!

Will you find 100% of what you want in a house? Probably not. You are more likely to get 75-85% of all the things you want so you should prioritize. After budget, here are a few things to consider. Do you need to be close to your work or your kid's school? Do you value a large yard over the convenience of city life? You've probably heard this before but for most people, location is everything! If you can find a house in the right location and about the right size, you can change the paint color, or even some of the fixtures without spending a fortune. Try to look past the cosmetic things and see the layout and location for their value.

When searching for the perfect house in the Greater Baton Rouge Area, let my team help you pick out the right home for your next real estate purchase!  Let us save you time and energy - just make a list of what you want in your next house and let us start shopping!

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