Where do you start when it's time to sell your house? At the front, of course! A house with excellent curb appeal will bring in the buyers AND, if you have really beautiful landscaping, it can help bring in a higher offer. "Why?" you may ask.  Think about it, it's like the wrapping on a package. If you have two packages with the exact same gift inside but one with pretty wrapping and one with no wrapping, which one do you PERCEIVE to be more valuable?  It's the same with houses. 


Tidy flower beds with fresh mulch and some colorful plants can make a drab time of year - well, prettier! Prune the trees, edge the walks and you are ready to go. Oh, don't forget the backyard, too. It is pretty strange when you see a house with a beautifully landscaped front yard and then nothing in the back!

Now, if you have done your job well, and you have people wanting to view your home for sale, you better make sure the inside looks as good as the outside!  More about this later!

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