With a new year just around the corner, isn't it a great time to take stock of your living situation and see if it's time to make a change?  One of my clients just sent me some photos of their garage and storage area that had been so full of stuff you couldn't walk in it.  They are thinking of downsizing next year but thought after living in the house 30 years they might want to start the decluttering process and not have to do everything at the last minute!  GREAT IDEA!  

So where did they get the idea to start the decluttering process?  Well, the first call was to us to come take a look at the house and see what they need to do to maximize their sales price.  But the burning question I had for them was "When this house sells, where do you plan to go."  Interestingly enough, they weren't on the same page - stay here, move closer to the kids, move to the beach - where to go!!!!  I suggested they start working on the house as they have those discussions and then we will take the next step.

FYI, many times it takes several meetings with people before we put the house on the market.  This is not a waste of our time as some clients fear.  We feel very obligated to make sure everything is ready before we disrupt people's lives!!!  So, if you are thinking you might want to take advantage of these interest rates, give us a call and we'll start the discussion on what you really want to do.  Then we will help you make it happen!  Call us at 225-298-6900!!!