One of the challenges in deciding what agent you will work with is whether to select a TEAM or go with a Single Agent.  There are pros and cons to both.  I built a real estate team because I saw the huge benefits to myself, of course, but also for our clients.  Let me share some of these with you - the Truths and the Myths!


1.  You may hear people say, "Don't work with a team because you'll be passed around and never talk to the agent you met with again!"  FALSE - at least when it comes to my team!  Let's think about my job as your listing agent.  My job description is to get the house sold for the highest price and the least amount of time.  You hear that all the time from every agent.  But the real question is how do we make that happen?  Taking photos, making virtual tours, posting on social media, doing paperwork, doing generic follow up, answering the phone, talking to lenders, talking to inspectors, arranging repairs, etc. are all things that need to happen but I don't have to do it.  That can all be handled by my team or one of our vendors.. 

My Valuable skills are:

·       Negotiating (and all my team are trained to do it the same way so talk to me or talk to them, you get the same advice based on factors we consider with all offers - more on that in a moment!)

·       Interpreting the Market.  We have been watching a SHIFT in our market since last July.  Watching the market can help you decide what to do next.  If the market takes a plunge, you want to get in front of it.  If the market is escalating, you want to price higher. 

·       Talking about your house.  Yes.  Talking to agents and the general public about the house.  Doing Specific Feedback to help a fellow REALTOR put a deal together on the house.

·       Marketing.  Yes, I farm out the actual marketing but my job is finding new ways to showcase your house to the public and have someone implement it for me. 


 As a former single agent I can tell you that I did all the pieces - take photos, make the virtual tour, create the brochures, etc.  A single agent only has themselves to rely on.  I called a top agent one day that I was trying to close a house with and we were having issues.  Her voice mail said, I kid you not:  "I am showing houses today and will be returning calls after 6 pm".   That's crazy because when we are trying to close a house you have to call lenders, title companies, where ever the back up is, during business hours!!!!  


3.  Another BENEFIT of a team is that YOU NEVER HAVE TO WAIT for me!  Good agents, whether on a team or an individual, are NOT in the office.  They are out working to sell buyers or list houses or meet with inspectors, appraisers, etc.  The beauty of a team like mine is that we have a GREAT office administrator who can take your call and usually handle the situation.  If it is something that needs a REALTOR to handle, any team member in the office can handle as they all know about you and your house.  And if I am the ONLY person who can handle the situation, my administrator knows when it is appropriate to interrupt me!  The client is the center of our business.  I do love it when a client calls in and I answer the phone.  It kind of freaks them out!  LOL!


4.  On my Team you get 5 REALTORS for the price of one!  All the members of my team are long time close friends and people I had always admired and respected when they were in their previous careers.  They are all trained in the way I run a business.  If any of us are home sick or worse, in the hospital, another can step in temporarily to handle the others business because we all have access to the files and discuss them each week.  You are never inconvenienced.


So you can see, there are more PROS than Cons when working with our Team!