When it rains in Baton Rouge, which happens since we are in the deep south, what do you do?  Of course you can go to a movie or go shopping, but are you aware of all the other fun things you can do indoors?  

Downtown is a great place to visit.  Start with the Louisiana Old State Capitol. Beautiful stained glass, gorgeous woodwork, and there is almost always an exhibit going on.  Located at 100 North Blvd.  

Then step across the street - of if it's really raining, maybe start at your next stop first.  That's the Louisiana Art and Science Museum  right across from the Old State Capitol.  You could spend the whole day there looking at exhibits, and if you have children, they usually have a morning program for kids to participate in around 10 am.  I especially enjoy the movies in the Planetarium.  

And if you want to just stay in this area, head over to the USS Kidd - even as an adult I enjoy touring the boat but on a rainy day you can just enjoy the exhibits inside.  

If it quits raining enough, then go to the Louisiana State Capitol at 900 N 3rd street.  You can see the bullet holes from where Huey Long was shot.  Lots of history there.  

Oh, and if you are house shopping, a raining day can be helpful when looking for a home so you can see the drainage in the yard and the street!  The Pat Wattam Team is always ready to help!  Give us a call!