Gary Keller made an excellent observation in his book "Shift" when he remarked, "The moment the media declares a "real estate shift,", it's as if the Market just got doused in a cold shower.  The result is fearful buyers, pickier buyers, and eventually fewer buyers.  Cautious consumers appear willing to let good deals die and great opportunities pass them by in hopes of getting a steal -  they start missing the forest for the trees.  Wary of paying too much, buyers go too far and begin to offer too little...."  The problem for most buyers is - who can you trust?  Real Estate is so local, you can't just generalize it across the country.


Can a buyer trust a real estate agent to guide them to make a wise decision??  We hope so.  Too many buyers ARE missing out on a great deal - THE INTEREST RATES!!  


We tell the buyers we work with, if you like this house and think it's good, why do you think there is not anybody but you thinking the same thing! As your Realtor, I run the latest market analysis of the area to show you the value of the house you are interested in. For the Greater Baton Rouge area, sellers are negotiating an average of less than 3% off the list price of a house!  Understand this when you put in an offer!


When you find the house you want to live in, then make a serious offer and get the house!  Take advantage of these fabulous interest rates!!  This is one of the best opportunities to own a home in the Great Baton Rouge market.  Call us and WE'LL GUIDE YOU to find the perfect home for you!


Leslie Green