Most people don't think about this but the FIRST step in selling your house is preparing MENTALLY!  You need to be committed to moving.  You need to have a want or a need to move.  Otherwise it is just too much work.  And a lot of this depends on your market but in a traditional market there is no need to just put the house on the market and sell it if you get what you want - especially if the amount you want cannot be justified by the comparable properties.  I can want to sell my stock for $1 a share but if the other shares of the same stock are only selling for $.75, no one is going to give you $1 just because you want it!  It's the same with a house.  Lenders particularly want to make sure if they are giving someone a loan that the property is well worth what they are lending.  And if you have a cash buyer?  Well, they are definitley going to want an appraisal to make sure that they are not overpaying for your house!

So how do you get in the right mental state?  Ask yourself these questions:

1.  Why do you want to move?  Be specific.  it could be due to job location, or want to be closer to where you spend your free time, your spouse may have died and the house is too much to handle.  

2.  What are your plans when the house sells? Think about what you want in your next house.  We want to help you find the right house and will help you time the move. If you are moving out of the area we have connections in many cities around the US and Canada!  Just ask us for a recommendation!

2.  When do you want to be at  your new location?  Your REALTOR can look at the market and let you know when it would be the best time for you to put your house on the market to meet your time line.

3  Are you willing to sell the house for whatever the market will bear even if it isn't your price?  One of the biggest mistakes I see most people make is they aren't willing to move if they can't get a certain price.  The one thing I know from all my years in real estate is that we only have so much time in this life.  If you are moving to be closer to your family you should move no matter what.  Time is ticking.  Of course, you should always make a sound financial decision but if you are mentally prepared you will be better off when that offer comes in!

4.  What are your plans if your house does not sell?  For younger couples they may need to stay put until they have more money saved to make the move if the house is not worth want they need to make a move.  If you are selling your house because it is not too much for your to take care of, by not selling it the property will start to deteriorate since you can't take care of it and will be worth less a year from now.

5.  Are you willing do to what it takes to maximize the value of your house by doing the updates buyers want?  If not, are you prepared to accept a significantly lower offer?

I hope these questions will get you thinking about your move.  When you set up a FREE consultation with the Pat Wattam Team we go over these questions and more with you so that you feel empowered to sell your house!  Call us today!