Satisfy your thirst for knowledge and the rumblings of your tummy at the same time on Baton Rouge property. Baton Rouge Food Tours knows the lay of the land inside out and leads eager souls into the way of temptation. Expert guides traverse downtown streets relaying pieces of history while stopping in at various delicious destinations along the way. Treks last a few hours and cover about a mile and a half of landscape.

Spice Is Nice Near Baton Rouge Homes

Running the show is Louisiana native Kim Harper. Raised in a Baton Rouge home, she has plenty of go to places from fine dining establishments to mom and pop eateries. Centering her tour around a love for food and culture guests will find themselves immersed in Cajun cuisine and historic neighborhoods. Southern Louisiana is rich in history and in flavor. This tour is not just for visitors or those new to the region. Fun filled and educational, witty bits of trivia are entertaining on the walk. Even long time residents of Baton Rouge property may learn a little something, and perhaps even find a new favorite place to dine somewhere off the beaten path.

Baton Rouge Food Tours meets downtown close to Third Street. A more specific itinerary is given with receipt of reservations. Regularly scheduled tours take place each Thursday and Friday. Vegetarian options and other dietary restrictions can be accommodated with advanced notice. Excursions take place regardless of the weather and dressing in layers and comfortable clothing is advised. Private parties can sign up for exclusive tours as well.

Healthy appetites for both food and knowledge are encouraged for those taking part in a Baton Rouge Food Tour. Earning rave reviews and a coveted Certificate of Excellence, good times are guaranteed. Reservations may be made online or by telephoning 800.662.3241. View a list of the most frequently asked questions here.