For your safety & security, I recommend you do the following as soon as you can after moving into your new home.  Sometimes new homeowners get so busy unboxing and settling in that they may forget to check off these items:

  • Call a locksmith & rekey all of the locks - you just don't know who might still have access!
  • Re-code any electronic systems such as the garage door, or an electronic gate - same reason!
  • Make sure that all exterior lights, such as floodlights, operate properly, and have bulbs that work!
  • Replace the smoke detectors and add carbon monoxide detectors if not already in place
  • Add a (new) fire extinguisher in the kitchen - you may want to add more in different areas of the home

Along with safety and security comes the maintenance of your home. I recommend that you make a list of things that will require regular maintenance on a monthly or annual basis. Here are a few suggestions: 

  • Change HVAC filters every 90 days
  • Clean gutters twice a year - water backup due to leaves can cause wood rot and potential leaks
  • Clean your dryer vent hose - accumulation of lint can be a fire issue
  • Periodically check the attic for any evidence of roof leaks
  • Remove any fallen limbs from the roof, trim back tree branches as that may add wear & tear
  • Make repairs to damaged siding  and touch up the paint where needed

What else can you think of?   




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